App + Hardware Solutions for
Industrial Tracking Applications.

Flex-Go by Flexvertical is an app + hardware solution
for tracking critical items and assets within your
facilities in real-time.

Stop searching for critical items within your facilities.

Improve visibility within your manufacturing and
business operations with Flex-Go.

Cut the tape of delays and improve your Traceability,
Accuracy, Productivity & Efficiency.

The industry’s smartest app + hardware solution for tracking applications.

Decrease Human Errors

By having the real-time location of job orders and critical assets, personnel can carry out daily functions efficiently and accurately reducing any room for human or machine errors.

Reduce up to 30% in Costs

Wireless tracking technologies decrease the cost of locating and sorting items in business operations by up to 30% annually, reducing time and labor costs.

Access Powerful Data

A better understanding of process movements allows for improved operational efficiency and customer experience while also generating useful new business models.

Maximize Production Output

Increase production throughput by accurately prioritizing tasks, job orders and improving asset allocation.  Improve production demand and forecasting models along with O.E.E. KPI’s.

Smart tracking technology that delivers performance.

Industrial Wireless Trackers

Our industrial wireless trackers provide the industry world-class performance in a compact ruggedized form factor.  Designed to operate in today’s fast-paced industrial facilities the Viking BLE beacon by Confidex is tightly integrated in our Flex-Go platform to deliver reliable performance in the most demanding environments.

  • Wireless range up to 200m (656 ft)
  • Detects shock, vibration and temperature
  • Long battery life of 3-5 years
  • Rugged design for industrial applications
  • Small form factor for easy installation

Powerful tool for Managers

Powerful but easy to use

Flex-GO was designed for the data driven business managers of today.  With intuitive user-interface and powerful analytics; our app solution provides your valuable operational data on the go.  Interact with critical job order data, locate vital equipment and measure production performance within one mobile application.

Valuable Benefits

  • Track the location of critical job orders
  • Track valuable items, assets & equipment
  • View job order details, status, notes & history
  • Track equipment utilization and allocation
  • Make data-driven decisions