Indoor Item Tracking

Flex-Go by Flexvertical is a software + hardware solution
for tracking work in progress, assets and items within your
facilities in real-time.

Real-time Location App Solution

The Flex-Go asset location awareness system will give your business the power to improve asset identification, tracking, and utilization. The Flexvertical team of creative engineers in Houston, Texas, developed Flex-Location to assist companies in managing critical assets, as well as enhancing O.E.E. and tracking performance KPI’s across facilities and processes.

Immediate Performance Insights

Flex-Go provides intelligent location and sensor awareness to critical assets across multiple sites. This system allows for 24/7 tracking and monitoring and real-time data streaming for immediate insights into performance.

Flexible Tracking Technology

Instead of GPS, Flex-Location uses industrial Bluetooth® Low Energy beacons to detect a machine’s movement. This technology allows businesses to remotely track the movement of personnel, products or machines and manage vital assets in real-time. Flex-Location features an A.I.-powered location engine which is a highly customizable, scalable, and cost-effective.  Ideal for industrial and manufacturing applications.


Enhanced Asset Allocation & Utilization

Flex-Go provides you with an all-in-one solution to improve asset identification, tracking, and utilization.

Effectively Manage Critical Assets

Flex-Go provides data crucial to managing critical assets, improving O.E.E., and keeping track of performance KPIs across multiple facilities and processes.

Remote, Real-Time Tracking

Powerful machine learning and wireless Bluetooth communication allow you to track assets around the world in real-time, boosting deployment and usage efficiency.

Stop spending time searching for assets, start finding.

Improve visibility within your manufacturing and
business operations with Flex-Go.

Cut the tape of delays and improve your Traceability,
Accuracy, Productivity & Efficiency.

Seamless integration for quick deployment.

Flex-Go app + hardware solution is designed for today’s demanding manufacturing operations.

Industry 4.0 technology that delivers performance.

Industrial Wireless Trackers

Flex-Go utilizes today’s leading wireless technology and mobile software to deliver a first-in-class solution to effectively track and manage job orders across your manufacturing facilities.

Flexvertical is committed to delivering future-proof technologies that support industry leading technology initiatives such as Industry 4.0 and IoT strategies.