Real-time WIP Tracking

Mobile software and wireless tracking solution for
managing work in progress orders and materials
within your facilities in real-time.

Improve WIP Visiblity

Automated Order Tracking

Flex-GO’s real-time WIP tracking module was designed for today’s manufacturing companies that are looking for ways to improve visibility, productivity and process efficiency.  By leveraging Industry 4.0 technology and mobile software; companies can gain valuable insight by automating the tracking of job orders and materials while reducing human error and lost man-hours.

Decrease Costs by 30%

Use wireless tracking technologies to decrease the cost of locating and sorting WIP orders and items within manufacturing operations by up to 30% annually, reducing  search times and associate labor costs.

Maximize Production

Increase production throughput by accurately prioritizing tasks, job orders and improving resource allocation.  Improve production demand and forecasting models along with O.E.E. KPI’s.

Industry 4.0 technology that delivers performance.

Industrial Wireless Trackers

Flex-Go utilizes today’s leading wireless technology and mobile software to deliver a first-in-class solution to effectively track and manage job orders across your manufacturing facilities.

Flexvertical is committed to delivering future-proof technologies that support industry leading technology initiatives such as Industry 4.0 and IoT strategies.

Stop searching,
start finding.

Improve visibility within your manufacturing and
business operations with Flex-Go.

Cut the tape of delays and improve your Traceability,
Accuracy, Productivity & Efficiency.

Seamless integration for quick deployment.

Flex-Go app + hardware solution is designed for today’s demanding manufacturing operations.