Reliable Industrial Bluetooth
Tracking Technologies that Deliver!

Bluetooth Low Energy devices for today's demanding
industrial tracking applications that deliver performance.


Wireless Trackers

Our engineers in Houston, Texas work in partnership with Confidex. Together, we use the Viking Bluetooth® Low-Energy industrial beacon to track the location of critical items, assets and equipment. Optional sensors can be used to capture environmental data.


Tracking Beacons communicate
directly with wireless receivers via Bluetooth
Low-Energy (BLE).

Dimensions – 56 mm x 54 mm x 19 mm (2.2″ x
2.125″ x .75″)

Protection Class – IP68

Sensors – Accelerometer: 3-axis acceleration
sensor. Temperature sensor.

Range – Up to 200m (656 ft)

Temperature – -20°C to +60°C (-4°F to

Memory – 512 kB Flash, 64kB RAM

Wireless Receivers

Flex-Go’s receivers are based on today’s leading Bluetooth 5.0 wireless technology for optimal performance and scalability.  Our wireless receivers are designed for quick configuration and deployment using our mobile application.


Wireless receivers communicate
directly with wireless trackers via Bluetooth
Low-Energy (BLE).

Dimensions – 150 mm x 150 mm x 36 mm

Power – DC 5.0 (+/- 5%) Max. 5.5 Volts, Power-over-Ethernet

Connectivity –  IEEE 802.11b/g/n, 10/100 Ethernet with 802.3af PoE

Range – Up to 300m (900 ft)

Temperature – -25°C to +65°C (-4°F to

Enclosure – Industrial NEMA enclosure available